Shooting Films

While our photographs beautifully evoke moments in time, our films capture lasting memories. We live and love field sports; we understand its traditions, the characteristics that make it a rewarding pursuit – and the characters that make it such an enjoyable experience.

All these elements are brought to life in our film projects conjuring up the sights, sounds and excitement of dramatic days spent on land and water.

Why not check out our YouTube page;

Duck Hunting at Cefngwyn Hall
The Game Map of Britain with Jonathan M. McGee - Whitfield Estate
Jonathan M. McGee's Inaugural Client Media Day
Jonathan M. McGee Video Blog 9 - The Glorious 12th
Pheasant Shooting with Black Powder by Jonathan M. McGee
Jonathan M. McGee Video Blog 8 - Sponsored by Zeiss
Jonathan M. McGee Video Blog 007 - Live from Whitbourne Estate
Grouse Shooting at Swinton Park by Jonathan M. McGee
High Bird Shooting at Jervaulx Estate with Dave Carrie
Pheasant and Partridge Shooting at Upperwood Estate
Jonathan M. McGee Video Blog 006 - Office Update
Jonathan M. McGee joins a BASC Young Shots team Pheasant Shooting in Lancashire
Pheasant and Partridge Shooting at Towthorpe Manor with Dave Carrie
Partridge Shooting at Raisthorpe Estate with Jonathan M. McGee
Preview - How to Shoot High Birds with Dave Carrie
Raisthorpe Flyers - Simulated Game Shooting in the North of England
High Bird Shooting with Dave Carrie at Whitfield Estate (Adverse Weather Episode)
Jonathan M. McGee Video Blog 005 - Happy New Year