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Shooting Photography in N-Photo Magazine

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Just got some incredible new press back for Shooting Photography and Country Pursuits, this time in N-Photo magazine (Nikon). This press features a full write up and imagery by Jonathan plus a great mention of Gamebore Cartridges, my equipment and loads of tips and tricks. This magazine reaches over 100k people in print and 10x that globally in digital, plus its an audience that may be new to fieldsports and our ways.

Very happy and a massive thanks goes to N-Photo Magazine for their continued publicity. Jonathan

Shooting Photography Game Birds

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Shooting Photography is becoming a huge part of Jonathan’s work and as such he sees a huge about and variety of game being shot. It’s becoming more and more important to make sure that those not involved in Shooting and Fieldsports see what we do in the correct and ethically appropriate way. All game shot, in Jonathan’s opinion should be eaten and it more often than not is.

I am very lucky as due to the nature of my work with magazines and clients I am able to visit larger shoots and as such often see bigger volume bags. I truly appreciate the effort that these estates go to to showcase and display the days shoot birds correctly, some spending hours lying and pairing every bird with a partner and arranging all as if in a display. This is incredible to see and I feel photography of the birds should mimic this respect, if not always showing birds arranged but capturing their beauty in other ways, like my attached image.

Its very important to Jonathan that the game is photographed and filmed in the correct way and one that is artistically different on each occasion.

Game Shooting Photography

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Jonathan and Shooting Photography recently took a trip to Sussex to produce game shooting photography for an amazing pheasant and partridge day.

Here is just one of the images taken on this day. We are always pushing to take new and creative images showcasing fieldsports at its very best, this image focuses on the frosty overhanging branch rather than the bird high above the guns.

Shooting Videography

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Its been a busy few months since the launch of Shooting Videography and things are going great. We are now featuring all our videos covering fieldsports, country pursuits, editorial and PR on our website. To access the work simply click on the link below;

Any feedback you have or if you would like more information on Shooting Photography or Videography then please just use the contact section. Kindest regards. Jonathan

Shooting Videography Live

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After a long time coming Shooting Videography is now up and running with videos available to view both on our website and on YouTube. The response to these works has been amazing and new commissions are flying in.

Check out our latest videos on YouTube now and leave us a comment as it would be great to know what you think;

Thanks and regards, Jonathan